Fire Resistant Siding- Can You Fireproof Your Home

Do you live in a wildfire-prone area? Are you worried about your house catching fire? If so, then this blog post is for you! There are many ways to protect your home from fire. You can install sprinklers and smoke alarms to alert you during emergencies. However, the smartest investment you can make is to invest in quality siding that prevents flames from spreading quickly. In light of this, here are the best fireproof siding types you should consider.

Fiber Cement Siding

If you wish to balance looks and protection without going over budget, fiber cement is the way to go. Clad Siding, a professional contractor, states that uninstalled sections typically range from $.70 to $5. This material is made from a mix of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. It takes a while to completely burn, unlike vinyl siding that easily melts. 

On top of being fireproof, it can also withstand strong winds, extreme weather changes, and even wood-boring insects. Moreover, it blends the appearance of wood and concrete to give you something that looks nicer than plastic but offers more protection from fires. 

However, it doesn’t come without drawbacks. First of all, it’s susceptible to moisture, which causes cracks from the inside. This brings you to the next con. Fiber cement siding often requires professional contractors to install it properly so moisture won’t leak into internal cavities. 

Brick and Natural Stone

Brick and natural stone veneers share a lot of things in common. First of all, these siding types can and will test your wallet. Brick veneer costs about $5 – $15 per sq. ft., while stone veneer costs about $13 – $20 per sq. ft. But as far as quality, aesthetics, and fire protection are concerned, you’ll eventually realize that the cost is more than worth it. 

So much for the prices. Have you ever tried setting a rock on fire? Surely you’ve had no success if you did. Well, that pretty much sums up these materials’ fireproofing capability. As assuring as it sounds, you shouldn’t let your guard down.

Brick and stone are perfect for protecting your home from outside heat sources like wildfires and forest fires. But it can also trap you if the flames originate from inside your home. To avoid this, plan the fire exit carefully and hire quality contractors to install the siding properly.

Brick and Stone

Stucco Siding

Stucco is made from sand, Portland cement, lime, and water. Looking closely, it’s almost similar to the composition of fiber cement. It’s no surprise that the material can handle extreme heat as well. In light of its ‘one-hour’ fire rating, this means you have an hour to evacuate before the flames completely devour your home.

You can attribute its fire resistance to the fact that it is applied in three coats, resulting in a thickness that flames can’t readily penetrate. Moreover, it’s easy to maintain, comes in different shades, and can last a lifetime if properly cared for. 

On the downside, you’ll have to pay a lot for installation. Why? Because if misapplied, the material will easily crack due to temperature changes. You’re going to need contractors who are knowledgeable and have ample experience with this siding type. Thankfully, the actual material doesn’t cost much and stucco slabs can go from $5 – $9 per sq. ft.


Metal Sheets

Metal sheets are almost impossible to burn. It would take temperatures as hot as lava to start melting aluminum and steel siding. So unless you live near an active volcano, there’s basically nothing to worry about when it comes to fire protection.

Not only can it withstand hell-like temperatures, but metal sheets are also excellent in blocking out natural hazards. Strong winds, insane hailstorms, and creeping moisture all have no effect on it. It can get hot when temperatures start to rise, though (but it takes a while to melt!).

As for the prices, aluminum is more expensive, ranging from $6 – $12 per sq. ft. On the other hand, steel is a bit more affordable, costing about $5 – $10 per sq. ft. Metal siding is often used for commercial buildings because of its solid and commanding appearance.


Modified Wood Siding

You already know how quickly wood catches fire, right? There’s no way you’ll use it for your home, right? But if you wish to rock the wooden aesthetic for your exterior, there are ways to fireproof the material. Thermally modified wood is a type of natural wood treated through a process called pyrolysis to make it more durable for external use. This type of wooden siding lasts longer than raw wood and requires less maintenance too. Lastly, it typically costs around $8 – $10 per sq. ft.


Fireproof siding is an essential consideration for your home. It can be the drawing line between life and death. That’s why it’s important to never skimp on your home’s exterior. More importantly, you’d want to work with something that can last for decades. The only way to ensure this is through hiring reputable siding contractors with years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers.